CRM & Sales Management Software

More deals. Higher retention.

See the euros waiting in the sales pipeline and know how to close deals. Create an excellent customer experience from the first contact.

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Choose the winning tools

With Severa CRM, you know which case requires attention and close deals faster. Ready-made price lists and an offer tool make sales work efficient.

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Sell for the right price

Take advantage of historical data with offers. Price the projects to be sold correctly based on the work volumes, resourcing and margins of previous projects.

Powers for prospecting

Use customer lists for acquiring and contacting new customers. Segment customers and find the most profitable cases in the prospect base.

Take advantage of the momentumm

Schedule calls and tasks in a calendar or connect your calendar to Severa. The CRM program reminds you of activities and archives contacts with the customer’s information.

Make tracking results easy

See the future order base, sales pipeline and react to quiet moments if necessary. With the help of up-to-date reports, you direct sales to more profitable services and projects.

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Target sales correctly

Track the sales output-input ratio and direct your efforts to the right things: invest in cases with the highest margin.

Understand the pipeline

Track sales results with ready-made reports. See the hit rate and measure the success of the sale as a whole, by person or by stage.

Forecast invoicing

Track the sales forecast and estimate the invoicing for the coming months. Reacts in time, for example, to a weak order & offer base.

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Sales has received enormous help when all Customer Information from contact information to invoicing and project management as well as resourcing, i.e. the so-called the whole truth, is in the same place.

Joonas Pajunen – CEO, Fraktio

Create a fantastic customer experience

Find all relevant information in one place and create a close connection with customers. You know what has been agreed with the client, how the project is progressing and how he has been billed.

Keep the information up to date

Customer information, contact persons and past projects with invoices are easily available for customer service, sales, administration and invoicing.

Create different price lists

Create the price lists you need for services, products and hourly billing and Link them to customer-specific information. The price lists are always correct and ready for new orders.

Clarify communication

Plan the content and stages of the project realistically with the help of historical data. Track the progress of the project and set reminders for communication.

Identify the most profitable customers

Segment customers and identify the most profitable customer groups easily. Know which customers are worth spending time on and when the pricing models of unprofitable customer groups need to be adjusted.

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