API that is open to your ideas

Connect your other softwares into a smart entity via Severa’s REST API.

Open API is your possibility

Create simple integration with Severa or build your own customized integration ecosystem.

Keep information up to date

Stop updating data in multiple places. Integrations enable you to create a data flow between different software’s. Thanks to integrations, information flows automatically.

Create connections you need

Connect the softwares you already use or build customized solutions through the API. You can use open API as you wish or get help from our trusted integration partners.

Smoother everyday life for your teams

With Severa, you can implement e.g. the following integrations: ERP and accounting, CRM, payroll, HR, ticketing, invoicing services. and ease every team’s daily work.

Increase level of automation

Severa has more than 50 ready-made integrations for sales, marketing automation, collaboration and financial management software.

Ready to integrate?

Few steps are needed on your way to successful use of Severa’s API.


See the API documentation

You can find API documentation and more information about how to get started on our support page.


Open the test environment

Implementation of the integration requires access to the test environment. You can get access by contacting customer service.

Raportin luominen Severassa

Integration partners

Need help with API?

Interested to make an integration but don’t know how? Our experienced integration partners are here to help. Contact us and ask for more.

Johtamisen ominaisuudet

Are you interested in Severa’s partnership?

Through the open REST API, you can create new business with us. Together with over 50 software companies, we have created integrations our customers can purchase easily.