Project Management Software

Increase productivity

Deliver the best possible projects efficiently. With Severa you can monitor the ongoing projects and KPI’s in real time.

Projektisuunnitelma Severassa

Create projects, execute and invoice

Bring your projects to the finish line efficiently. Create a project, make schedule, plan resourcing and invoice all hours easily. Bring the project team together and share information openly.

Tarjouksesta projektisuunnitelmaksi

From a deal to a project in less than a minute

Manage projects effectively from their inception. Create a project based on a sales offer or use ready-made project plans.

Price projects correctly

Price the projects correctly already in the bidding phase based on the realized margins, work volumes, resources and schedules of previous projects.

Track margins and KPIs

Monitoring and comparing the project’s progress, profitability, and other key indicators can be done in Severa without manual compilation work.

Know what is expected of you

Stay on time and manage tasks related to current projects. Schedule calls, meetings and tasks in the calendar and set the necessary alarms.

Kalenteri Severassa

Plan your schedules

Follow the progress of projects with gantt and kanban views. Create stages and set hourly budgets. Link project phases to each other, making it easy to edit schedules.

Invoice easily

Record working hours and expenses directly to the right project and choose what is included in the next invoice. Take advantage of different pricing models or create customer- or segment-specific price lists.

The best thing about Severa is the user experience. The well-thought-out package supports all phases of the project, from sales to hourly recording, monitoring and invoicing.

Jani Valkonen – CEO, Ainia Innovations Oy

Make more sustainable project planning

See all ongoing projects and view hours allocated to projects. See the workload and deal with stressful situations in time.

Plan team resourcing

Monitor the sales pipeline and proactively reserve the right professionals for future projects. Resource working time by phase or project by role.

Resursointi Severassa

Provide leading project management tools to the team

A project manager’s dream

Track projects in the kanban view. Schedule and resource the team’s work in a gantt chart. Follow the project’s key figures with project reports and facilitate decision-making regarding the continuation.

Record working hours easily

The team records working hours directly for the projects from their own view – also with the mobile application. The calendar shows ongoing projects, tasks and an overall picture of your own workload.

Create a project. Try it yourself.

In Severa, you create a project in less than a minute. Go for it!

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