Marketing and advertising agencies

More time for customer projects

See the project portfolio and invoice the work easily. Know the most profitable customers and open a view of business forecasts.

Deliver more profitable projects

Streamline project management

Establish, stage and price projects based on historical data. Assign work directly to projects and automate invoicing.

Connect to task management

From Severa, create a direct connection to popular task management such as Trello, Asana and Monday.

Know what’s profitable

Understand the time spent on customer work in the return. See the most profitable customers and projects – and focus on them.

Severan työpöytä

Manage everyday work in Severa

Manage sales, project management, CRM and invoicing efficiently in Severa. Minimize mandatory tasks and focus on creating added value for the customer.

Projektitehtävien kanban

Deliver projects efficiently

Set schedules, work prices and financial goals for the project. Track project progress in visual Gantt and kanban views. See the project’s key figures with project reports and react when the situation requires it.

Record billable work easily

Log all hours spent on customer work directly for projects based on customer and project-specific price lists. The billable work can be seen in the project summary reports in real time for the entire project team.

Better profitability

Segment customers into clear groups and find the most profitable target groups to focus on. Track realized hourly prices to target prices and turn unprofitable projects into productive ones by reacting in time.

Add automation to workday

Take advantage of Severa’s versatile integrations with other applications. More than 50 ready-made integrations with the market’s most popular sales, marketing automation, collaboration and financial management software are available.

The communication and guidance went great from the beginning, and during the test drive I got the necessary answers and solutions for our slightly more special needs.

Mici Virpiö – Project manager, Planeetta 10 Oy

Ensure agencies’ growth

Open a 360-view of data for both project and business management. Know what constitutes profitability and where there is room for improvement.


Make better decisions

Track both operational performance and business with visual reports. Ensure better decisions from individual offers to management team work.

Raportin luominen Severassa

Customized reports are easy to create and by using them you can easily see how many sales have come in each number. Integration with financial management software works perfectly.

Robert Kullström – CEO, Freemium Media

Management tools

Open the view to the future

Understand where growth comes from and where the organization falls. Severa’s invoicing, turnover and expense forecasts tell you which direction the business is going.

Johtamisen ominaisuudet


Know it’s time to recruit

Book the right people for projects already in the sales phase. Understand when there is a need to outsource or recruit new talent and what kind of skills are lacking in the composition.

LM&Someco uses Severa

It is important for customers that things go according to schedule. Severa helps to see what the organization is doing, how stressed the employees are, who can be used for future projects and who needs to be supported.

Janne Pöyhönen – customer manager and partner, LM&Someco

The best thing about Severa is that it’s a whole, where resourcing, hourly records and realizations are in the same place. In this way, the entire project pipeline can be managed in one system.

Antti Valtari – CFO, LM&Someco

More than 230 marketing, advertising and communications agencies use Severa.

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