Resource Management Software

Increase the utilization rate

Make resource planning sustainable and plan the use of working time in advance with the team.

Resursointi Severassa

Schedule projects and resource easily

Allocate time efficiently to different projects. Clear monitoring of working hours helps to keep the projects on schedule and employees’ workload transparent.

Get the right people on board

Attach the team to the project on time and reserve the right experts with role-specific resourcing.

Follow the GANTT view

See project progress and allocated working hours at a glance in a visual format.

Understand the workload

See the team’s overall workload and reallocate working hours. Take into account cases of illness and vacation periods easily.

Update resourcing plans easily

Edit the project’s schedule, and the resourcing is also updated. Relate project schedules to each other

Avoid micromanaging

Make the well-being of the personnel a priority and give the experts responsibility for resourcing their own working time as well.

Create motivated atmosphere

Project-specific resource planning is everyone’s business: Enable employees to manage their own working time effectively.

Give responsibility to the team

Provide clear views for each user role. Employees can easily monitor their allocated working hours and plan the daily work.

Improve project productivity

Know which projects progressed profitably from a resourcing point of view – and which took more work time than estimated.

Productize better

Track the ratio of actual hours to budgeted hours. Learn how much a certain project type or client needs resources and take that into account in the future, for example in pricing.

Optimize time usage

Measure the productivity, utilization and invoicing rates of projects and experts. Understand where there is an opportunity to improve the use of working time or allocate work in a different way, for example based on roles.


It is important for customers that things go according to schedule. Severa helps to see what the organization is doing, how stressed the employees are, who can be used for future projects and who needs to be supported.

Janne Pöyhönen – Customer manager & partner, LM Somecoy

Plan recruitments in advance

Share information about future projects and invite experts to the projects well in advance. See the team’s total load in the coming months and predict when to hire more employees or outsource.

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