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Lead your projects and business comprehensively with Platinum or streamline operations with the Business package. We also offer versions tailored to the needs of small and large companies.

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Automated, easy-to-use tools for project management, sales pipeline management and invoicing for small organizations.

25€ / month / user


  • CRM and sales management
  • Project management
  • Work time records
  • Invoicing: e-invoice, email, paper invoice
  • Reporting
  • Calendar and activities
  • Mobile application (iOS & Android)
  • Sign in with Google
  • 5 GB of storage space


Efficient and automated PSA for professional services and project organisations of different sizes.

39€ / month / user

All Basic features +

  • Organisational hierarchy support
  • Proposal tool
  • Work hour approval
  • Work hour balance calculation
  • Travel expenses and receipt scanner
  • Phase dependencies
  • Task management
  • Resourcing & work planning
  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Google Drive synchronisation
  • Project group collaboration
  • Analysis reports
  • 10 GB of storage space


A comprehensive solution for the overall management of large SMEs.

69€ / month
69€ / month / user

All Platinum features +

  • Audit trail
  • Single Sign-On
  • IP access restrictions
  • Testing sandbox
  • Key account manager
  • 50 GB of storage space

All prices are presented excluding VAT. You can add or remove features in your company’s use at any time through Severa’s service management.



  • Which package would fit my needs?
    In the trial, you can try out a wide variety of features and use the Premium version. The Basic version is suitable for more modest needs, when the goal is to simply record and invoice work hours and projects. The Premium version offers more extensive support for project management by enabling such features as handling travel expenses, synchronising calendars and managing work hour balances.
  • Is the trial free?
    The trial lasts for 30 days and is completely free of charge. Starting the trial period does not require credit card or invoicing information – providing your contact information is enough. The client makes the purchase decision and contract at the end of the trial.
  • What happens if I do not want to continue with the trial?
    You do not need to do anything, and the trial ends automatically. You do not need to notify us about ending your trial and can be sure that there will be no invoice.
  • How does the trial environment differ from the actual environment?
    The trial is equivalent to the actual user interface, and you have the Premium version features available. You can transfer from the trial directly to the paid version as you purchase it.


  • How much does the implementation cost?
    The extent and time of the implementation are determined together with the client. The price is formed based on the extent of the use and the number of users.
  • How can I transfer information from my current system to Severa?
    Customer information can be transferred directly as a CSV file. For other information, our product specialists go through any needs for data transfer and they will be separately agreed upon when deploying the software.
  • How do I integrate a product into Severa?
    There are over 50 existing integrations for Severa, and integration can also be done through an open interface (REST API). You can find extensive additional information in the Integrations and API interfaces sections. If you have more specific questions, we recommend you to contact our customer support.

Use and support

  • In what languages do you provide customer support?
    Our customer service is located in Lappeenranta, Finland and provides service in Finnish and English. The support material is also available in both languages.
  • Is the support included in the monthly fee?
    Phone support and email support are free of charge for our customers. However, please note that your service provider will charge a service number fee for calling the 010 number (8.35 cents/call + 16.69 cents/minute). In addition to the aforementioned support channels, you can also access the Visma Solutions Community and Support Portal, where you can find plenty of instructions and usage tips. For more information, please visit the customer service page.
  • In which languages can I use Severa?
    Each user can determine the language they want to use in their environment. The options are Finnish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch. In addition, the invoices can be sent in dozens of languages.

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