Over 1800 companies already use Severa

Severa is the number one PSA-tool in Finland, designed to fit the needs of expert companies.

Architect firms & designers

Simplify complex projects

With Severa, you can initiate, manage, and steer long and multi-phased projects to a profitable completion. Over 120 architecture and design firms already use Severa.

Engineering offices

Ensure project profitability

Severa provides efficient tools for engineering firms to manage their sales pipeline, project management, tracking, and reporting. Over 320 engineering offices already use Severa.

IT & ITC consultants

Deliver more productive development projects

Track project portfolios, customer relationships, and further streamline everyday processes with Severa. Integrate other existing software into a seamless solution through Severa’s API. Already over a 190 Finnish IT companies use Severa.

Management consulting firms

Boost efficiency in consulting work

Manage clients, view the entire project portfolio, and track profitability with Severa. Enhance productivity through automation and optimize profitability already in the project planning phase. Over 280 consulting firms are already using Severa.

Marketing and advertising agencies

Create more value for your clients

Bring together the daily operations of your advertising and communications agency in one place. Gain visibility into your entire project portfolio, identify the most profitable clients, and easily invoice your work. Over 230 marketing, advertising and communications agencies are already using Severa.

Project businesses

Manage professional work from sales to invoicing

Easily track work hours or deliverables. Invoice more accurately and efficiently. Gain a better overall view of your operational business. Join over 1800 successful professional organizations.

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We have found that companies using Severa experienced a revenue growth that is 3.5 times faster and profitability that is 1.3 times higher compared to other similar expert companies.